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There is only one God, the eternal God and Creator who exists as a Trinity--the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The entire Bible is True.

All people are sinners and can only be saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Volunteer Training:
Get your kids to give their time

As your kids move from working by your side to independent efforts, you'll see the concept of doing volunteer work become an integral part of their lives.



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  • Truths For Kids This site aims to provide resources for the Christian spiritual development of children.
  • Calvary Kids pages - A resource center for Sunday School teachers, VBS directors, preschool centers, youth workers, parents and other educational facilities.
  • Color - Land of Free coloring pages and free crayons. Animals - Bible - Dot to Dot - Fairy Tale - Food - Holidays - Learning - Mazes - Nature - Sports - Transportation .
  • First School -- Preschool Activities and Crafts - First-School features free fun preschool lesson plans, educational early childhood activities, printable crafts, worksheets, calendar of events and other resources for children of preschool age. The preschool crafts, lesson plans and activities are appropriate and adaptable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten level (ages 2 to 6).
    First-School's content is ideal for home schooling, preschool and kindergarten teachers, daycare, child care providers, after-school and babysitters.
  • Guiding Light Video - Lighting the Way with Childrens Christian Videos, DVD's, Games and Software. Musicals for your church, DVD's, Toys, etc.
  • Sermons 4 Kids -- coloring pages - The goal of Sermons4Kids is to help those who are in children's ministry or who may work with children in Christian schools or organizations.
  • Adventures in Odyssey Have an adventure with Whit, Connie, Eugene and the whole gang. - free lord's prayer coloring pages for sunday school, vbs, homeschool and other children's ministries.
Gospel Illusionist Presents Christ-centered Messages -- Available for Your Church
  • Keys for Kids from The Children's Bible Hour Read a fun story and hide His Word in your heart with the Key of the day - free lord's prayer coloring pages for sunday school, vbs, homeschool and other children's ministries.
  • Bible Stories with a Kid flare A fun look at the Bible (available on CD) - free lord's prayer coloring pages for sunday school, vbs, homeschool and other children's ministries.
  • A Kid's Heart - A playground/learning site featuring free resources for learning Bible verses and celebrating the holidays, including online games and activities, printout sheets, puzzles, clipart, screensavers, wallpaper, greeting cards, and other resources for kids and their teachers.
  • Bible Coloring Pages - Free printable Bible coloring pages, coloring sheets and coloring book pictures. Christian coloring pages of Easter and Christmas too.
  • Bible Kids Fun Zone - A free Christian site for children aged preschool - Grade 2. Lots of free printable resources: Christian-theme and Bible story coloring pages, devotions, Bible crafts, games, puzzles, activity sheets. Great resource for Sunday School, preschools, homeschoolers or parents and children.
  • BIBLIOCARDS - The Christian alternative to Pokemon cards that Christian and non Christian Kids alike are collecting like crazy
  • Bread of Life Ministries - The Street Connection is a mobile soup kitchen operated in the inner city. We also have a large selection of FREE Children's Ministry Curriculum.
  • BTNG - Bible Teaching for a New Generation - Website of a schools worker in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Presenting the Bible in a fun and exciting way. Providing information for teachers, resources for children's work, games, puzzles, quizzes, and facts for kids. Voluntary worker with Scripture Union and Bible Explorer presenter.
  • Christian Character Builders Bible Games - Christian Character Builders, a ministry devoted to aiding parents in training children in Godly character, and experiencing the love of Christ, by providing 100% free, quality software, based on God's Word, that is both fun and effective
  • Christian Family Resources - Resources to teach children history (Christian Worldview) , New Testament and Old Testament heros and Bible Stories
  • Bible Kids Fun Zone - A Bible Coloring Page Site but it has more than just bible and Christian Coloring Pages to choose from.
  • Christian Coloring Through the Bible Coloring Pages- The Bible is full of great, true stories! Explore some of the major themes of the Bible — from Genesis to Revelation (beginning to end). The Bible is God's amazing communication, telling us about Himself, His creation, His love, His justice, and His ultimate return.
  • Christian Bible Coloring Pages for Children- Bible Coloring pages for Christian children including Abram/Abraham, Adam and Eve, Angels, Apostles, Armor of God, Cain and Abel,Creationism, David & Goliath, Elijah, Esther, Hannah and Samuel, Jacob and Esau, Jesus, Moses, Noah and the Ark, Parables, Ruth and Naomi, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and more coloring pages
  • - Bible Coloring Printables- Color Christian scenes from Bible stories, Bible characters and more including Nativity Scenes, Drummer Boys, Angels, Three Kings - Kids, Manger Scenes, Mary and Baby, Joseph, Three Kings, Star over Bethlehem, Praying Girls & Boys, Jesus and Children, Jonah and Whale, Moses and Tablets, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Noah's Ark and Animals, Jesus from Cross, Daniel and Lions, David and Goliath, Samson pushing Pillars, Joseph in Well, and more Bible Coloring Pages.
  • Crossmap for Kids -
    Bible, children's activities, games, music, children's devotionals
  • DTK Bible Activities (games, coloring pages, crafts, etc)- This Page is full of different Bible coloring Sunday School and other Educational Materials, Teacher's guides and Bible lesson plans organized by Bible Story. VBS Guides and more... bible coloring pages, Bible Coloring Book Pages, Jesus Craft, Bible Crafts for Kids, Bible Poems and Songs for Children, Bible Printable Activities, Bible Word Search, Bible Puzzles & Games, rainbow cake, Bible Recipes, Bulletin Board Ideas, Veggie Tales Activities, other christian sites, Links to other Bible Activities
  • DTK Bible Coloring Pages Printouts New Testament- This Page is full of different Bible coloring pages including both the New Testament and the Old Testament. Some of the New Testament Coloring Pages include Apostles Coloring Pages, Armor of God Coloring, Christmas Story - Jesus' birth, Easter, Jesus Coloring Pages, "Jesus Saves" Printables - Jesus' death and resurrection, Nativity Scenes, Angels, and Parables Coloring Pages.
  • Epic Events of the Bible Coloring Pages & Printouts - Bible Coloring Pages including The Creation Noah, the Great Flood, The Plague of Locusts, The Ten Commandments, The Call of Moses, The End of Israel, The Birth of Jesus, The Transfiguration, The Last Supper, and The Empty Tomb.
  • Christain books for Kids from Childrens Evangelism Fellowship- Book 1 "What a God" KJV, Book 2 "Let's Talk About God" KJV or Spanish only , Book 3 "Strong through God's Spirit" NIV,KJV or Spanish, Book 1 "What a God" KJV, Book 2 "Let's Talk About God" KJV or Spanish only, Book 3 "Strong through God's Spirit" NIV,KJV or Spanish, Book 4 "Spend Time with God" NIV Book 6 "Standing for God" NIV Book 9 "Jesus, the Mighty God" KJV, Book 4 "Spend Time with God" NIV, Book 6 "Standing for God" NIV, Book 9 "Jesus, the Mighty God" KJV, Book 10 "Jesus, the Friend" NIV or KJV, Book 11 "Jesus, the Servant" NIV or KJV, Book 12 "Jesus, the Savior" NIV, Book 10 "Jesus, the Friend" NIV or KJV, Book 11 "Jesus, the Servant" NIV or KJV, Book 12 "Jesus, the Savior" NIV, Book 17 "Workers for God" NIV, One-Year Wonder Devotional Book 1, NIV only, One-Year Wonder Devotional Book 2, NIV only, Book 17 "Workers for God" NIV, One-Year Wonder Devotional Book 1, NIV only, One-Year Wonder Devotional Book 2, NIV only, The Wonder Book, NIV, KJV or Spanish Wonder Devotional Book Early Reader, Wonder Fun Activity Book, The Wonder Book, NIV, KJV or Spanish
  • Jesus' Ministry Bible Coloring Pages- Christian Bible coloring pages including The Parable of the Sower, Jesus Heals the Lame Man, Jesus Walks on Water, Jesus Feeds 5,000, Jesus Teaches the Crowds, Jesus Preaches in Galilee, Jesus Turns the Water into Wine, The Parable of the Lost Coin, The Boy with Epilepsy Healed, and The Workers in the Vineyard
  • Noah's Ark Coloring Mural Pictures Printouts - All you need is a large sheet of mural paper about 3 feet by 6 feet and paints or crayons. Click on the small pictures to download the full sized artwork, or click on the link below each picture for the PDF version.
  • Old Testament Characters Coloring Pages Printouts- Coloring Pages from the Old Testament Bible including characters such as Adam and Eve, The Birth of Isaac, Jacob and Esau, Joseph and His Coat, Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams, The Call of Samuel, David and Goliath, David Chosen King, Solomon Asks for Wisdom, Daniel in the Lions' Den
  • Old Testament & New Testament Bible Coloring Pages- Bible Coloring Pages including pages themed on the old and new testaments including the Serpent's Lie, Cain and Abel, The Rainbow Covenant, Sodom and Gomorrah, A Bride for Isaac, The Plagues on Egypt, Crossing the Red Sea, The Tabernacle, Canaan, Crossing Jordan, Fall of Jericho, Gideon, Ruth, Samuel, Elijah God's Prophet, Rebuilding God's Temple, John the Baptist Jesus Chooses 12 Apostles, Lazarus, Crucifixion of Jesus, and more.
  • Kid's Sunday School Place Your source for fresh, creative Children's Ministry resources, Sunday school lessons, Bible crafts, activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, songs & much more. Teaching elementary Sunday school has never been so much fun!
  • Children's Ministry Place Offers dynamic resources for success in ministry to children in your home or church. Find materials for childrens ministry in their online store. Felts at discount prices, a training dvd, music books and cd's.
  • Childrens Story info Offers illustrated Bible Stories for Children. Free printable Children's Bible Story Coloring Pages.
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