Entertainment For Children

2 card monte

Two Card Monte

A fun magic trick with only two cards. Here's what your audience will see.

You show your friend two different cards. He sees both cards, and as he is watching, you place one of the cards behind your back. He watched you put it there. He knows which card it is, and yet when you ask him, "which card is behind my back" he names the wrong card -- every time!! You can repeat this.

Very Easy to do. Yet a great fooler.

Only $5.50 -- NO Shipping fee.
Magic Book

You Can Do Magic -- 18 Funtastic Tricks to Make You the Star!

This is a 20 page book written by Great Scott. Containing great tricks and stunts that kids will love to learn and perform for their friends. All tricks use ordinary household items. Just add some practise time and your son or daughter will be amazing everyone. 1 each    

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Fortune Telling Fish

Fortune Telling Fish

Well...not really your fortune. This is a fun little toy that you place in the palm of your hand. It will move or curl differently for everyone. There are some fun interpretations for each movement. An old favorite. Plastic. 4" long.

Pack of 20    

$3.44 -- No shipping fee.

Magic Wand

Magic Wand

Yes, this is a "real" magic wand. 10.5" long and ready for every child at the party to have one.

$2.5 each
Pack of 10 just $15.50