Company Picnic Entertainment

This summer, have a magical company picnic. Let your employees and their families enjoy some extra-special entertainment from family-magician Great Scott

Close-Up Magic

Hire Great Scott to entertain everyone at the picnic as he strolls throughout the area presenting amazing and fun magic for both the children and the adults. This is magic, up-close and in your hands. Kids love it. Adults love it. You know that feeling of surprise, that what-the-heck-just-happened feeling? That's what Great Scott brings to your company picnic. Table to table or in small groups of individuals, the magic will amuse, startle, bring wonder and interest to the group as a whole. It's a great conversation starter. And Scott's magic has won several awards from his peers and customers for this skill.

This is a wonderful addition to a company picnic.

Stage Magic Show

If you have a large group and would like to entertain everyone at the same time, Great Scott's magic is perfect. He is self-contained and brings his own sound system so everyone can hear what's happening. He also uses music and sound clips throughout his show to help add to the experience and enhance the enjoyment of the audience.

Great Scott company picnic magician

Expect a fun and amazing 50 min show filled with audience participation and lots of humor. The kids love to get involved, but in addition to the children, all the adults will be watching -- especially when one of their own is brought up front for some magical fun. Everything is in good-natured fun of course. But get ready for some laughter.

Hey, it's a magic show though. So be prepared to be fooled. Great Scott is an amazing magician with wide-range of talent and skills. He can even bring in a little ventriloquism. This really is a fun-filled show for everyone. As Scott's motto says -- "Always Family Friendly, Always Good Clean Fun!". . . Guaranteed!

Hire Great Scott to perform at your picnic or other event anywhere in the Midwest. Areas include Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan. Prices based on show fee plus travel expense. Based in the Milwaukee Metro area, but travels. Call or email for more information and exact quote.


Thank you so much for performing at our Company Picnic this past weekend... I have been hearing lots of positive feedback on your performance. Thank you again,

-- Chana A. B
SC Johnson -- Racine


Thanks for the great show! We can do something again in the future.

-- George Dimitropoulos -- Culver's Shorewood

"Thanks again for saving me at the last minute. The kids and adults had such a wonderful time!"

Katie Watson
Director of Human Resources
Inland Companies, Inc. -- Milwaukee

Call for further details or to schedule Scott for your event.